About the Foundation

Name of Foundation : Mohammad Mujahid Al-Salah, the General Contracting Chairman of the Board / General Manager : Mohammed Al-Salah Head Office – Ras Tanura Commercial Register: (Dammam) issued on 04/01/1421 AHMohammad’s Foundation, for road jobs, electrical jobs, mechanical jobs and general contracting is a Saudi company 100%. It was established in 2000 and it was registered to carry out roads, electrical and mechanical jobs and other buildings establishment activities as well as the establishment of industrial facilities, infrastructure and other in KSA. The foundation head Office is in Dammam. Because of the continuous development ofMohammad’s Foundation,it is now consider as one of the most important institutions and the most promising in the field of general contracting in KSA, the foundation has done important contracts in the past. Also Mohammad’s Foundation has completed its projects successfully in all parts of the Kingdom. Mohammad’s Foundation has got professional experience in everything that is related to roads, general contracting, structural jobs, industrial jobs, architectural jobs, infrastructure jobs and energy jobs. All the projects maintained by Mohammed Mujahid’s companyare performed and done as integrated task and it was done in high quality and managerial experience and of course it wasdone by dedicated team. By the company’s rich resources, financial strength, efficient operational system and extensive experience in construction and engineering in addition to its team that contain high experienced technicians. All of the previous have made the foundation the best in its field the foundation can do any job no matter how complicated the job is. The foundations’ services have competing prices as well as maintaining the high quality of its services.The foundation does continuous updating and improving to the operating and implementation systems, equipment, information technology system and the administrative control system. All of that are to complete its projects successfully on time and by using the specific budget.